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Hands Free Crutch, Self S...
$449.00 $419.00
Hands Free Crutch, Self S...
End the Pain and Inconvenience. Crutches and Knee Scooters Are Obsolete!  Think of all the things you can’t do when using conventional crutches, preparing a meal, walking your dog, carrying a cup of coffee, pushing a shopping cart. You no...
$449.00 $419.00
Air Walker Boot with Inte...
Air Walker Boot - A clinically proven and economical treatment alternative for fractures, sprains and Achilles injuries, the Rebound Air Walker eliminates the need for time-consuming applications of casts, which need replacing regularly throughout the rehabilitation process. Brand - Ossur.  Features ...
$299.00 $279.00
Sold Out
Height Adjustable Knee Wa...
$299.00 $219.00
Height Adjustable Knee Wa...
Knee Walker Scooter is ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, and foot ulcers. The handlebars and knee platform are height adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users. It is comfortable and a sturdy knee walker to...
$299.00 $219.00
Standard Walker - Shock A...
Standard Walker - Shock Absorber offers some impressive, advanced features for safety and patient care. The high-quality rigid outer skeleton ensures high protection of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Circumferential strapping, a shock-absorbing sole and breathable materials provide great...
$149.99 $139.00
Premium Walker Boot with ...
Discover the ultimate support and comfort with the Equalizer Premium Walker Boot. Engineered for a perfect fit, this innovative boot boasts a low-profile, wide rocker bottom walking base, ensuring a stable and natural stride. Its adjustable velcro straps adapt to...
$149.00 $119.00

Medgear Care has knee walkers and accessories available at our website! Visit us today if you need to purchase a walker.

iWALK Hands Free Crutch is a medical device that provides support and mobility for people with lower limb injuries or disabilities. It allows them to walk without using their hands to hold crutches, freeing up their arms for other tasks. It works by fitting around the person's knee and waist, and using the upper leg to bear weight. It is designed to be adjustable and comfortable to wear, and can be used for short or long distances.

A Hands-Free Crutch is a type of crutch that is designed to allow a person to stand, walk, and move around without having to hold onto the crutch with their hands. This type of crutch typically uses a support strap or harness that goes around the person's chest or torso to keep the crutch in place. The goal of a hands-free crutch is to reduce strain on the arms and shoulders and provide greater stability and mobility to the person using it. There are several benefits of using Hands-Free Crutches:

  1. Comfort: Hands-Free Crutches allow the user to relieve pressure on the hands and arms, which can become sore after prolonged use of traditional crutches.

  2. Independence: Hands-Free Crutches give the user the freedom to use their hands for other tasks, making them more independent and able to perform daily activities with ease.

  3. Ease of use: Hands-Free Crutches are easier to use than traditional crutches as they require less effort from the arms and hands.

  4. Improved mobility: Hands-Free Crutches can help improve mobility and reduce the risk of falls, as the user has both hands free to balance.

  5. Versatility: Hands-Free Crutches can be used for a variety of tasks and can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual user.

  6. Improved posture: Hands-Free Crutches promote good posture and reduce stress on the back, hips, and knees.

Buy Knee brace Online Australia. Knee walker is a mobility aid designed for individuals who have trouble walking due to an injury or surgery to the foot, ankle, or lower leg. It typically has four wheels, a knee pad for the injured leg to rest on, and handlebars for balance and steering. The user propels the device forward by pushing off with their good leg. It offers a more stable and comfortable alternative to crutches. Knee walkers can offer several benefits for individuals with lower leg injuries or conditions that limit their ability to walk, such as:

  1. Increased mobility: Knee walkers allow for greater mobility compared to crutches, making it easier to move around both indoors and outdoors.

  2. Reduced strain: Knee walkers distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on the injured leg, lower back, and underarms compared to crutches.

  3. Hands-free support: A knee walker provides hands-free support, allowing individuals to carry items or perform tasks while they are walking.

  4. Stability: Knee walkers offer increased stability compared to crutches, reducing the risk of falls and further injury.

  5. Comfort: Knee walkers have a cushioned knee pad and adjustable handlebars, making them more comfortable to use than crutches.

Rebound Air Walker is a type of medical device used for lower leg rehabilitation after injury or surgery. It is a boot-like device that allows the patient to walk and move their injured leg while providing support and stability. The "Air" in its name refers to the built-in air bladder that helps to control range of motion and reduce pain. The Rebound Air Walker is commonly used following ankle or foot injuries, fractures, and sprains.

Standard Walker boot is a type of medical device that is used to provide support and stability to the foot and ankle after injury or surgery. It is commonly referred to as a walking cast, and it is designed to immobilize the foot and ankle in a neutral position, while still allowing the patient to walk. The boot is made of lightweight and durable materials, such as plastic, and has a sturdy sole to provide extra support. Standard Walker boots are typically used for conditions such as sprains, fractures, and post-operative care.

Walker Boot is a type of medical device used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. It is also known as a walking cast, and is designed to allow individuals to walk and bear weight on their injured foot while still providing support and stability. The boot typically covers the foot and ankle and extends up the lower leg, and may have adjustable straps to secure it in place. Some benefits of using a Walker boot include:

  1. Immobilization: The boot helps keep the foot and ankle in a stable position, promoting proper healing and reducing the risk of further injury.

  2. Pain relief: By limiting movement, a Walker boot can help alleviate pain and reduce pressure on the foot and ankle.

  3. Protection: The boot helps protect the foot and ankle from external factors such as bumps, scrapes, and impact, which can further damage the area.

  4. Enhanced healing: The boot can improve blood flow and reduce swelling, promoting faster healing of the foot and ankle.

  5. Improved mobility: The boot allows for limited movement, which can help improve mobility and prevent the foot and ankle from becoming stiff.

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