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Medgear Care is your trusted partner for NDIS approved medical aids and equipment. Our dedicated services cater to NDIS participants, offering a wide range of NDIS approved products. Explore our NDIS approved shop (online directory) for popular NDIS supplies tailored to your specific plan management category.

1. Self-Managed Participants
2. Plan Managed Participants
3. NDIA Managed Participants

    Discover seamless NDIS consumables procurement with Medgear Care. As an NDIS registered providers of medical supplies, we prioritise the interconnected care network. Individuals, therapists, support coordinators, plan managers & carers are encouraged to fill out this NDIS request order form. It captures essential details, ensuring that the specific needs and preferences of the individual are considered. 

    Wondering if there's any NDIS shop near me or searching i.e., NDIS consumables what can I buy? Medgear Care has you covered with quality products and convenient solutions.

    If you do have any questions, issues with order, complaints & feedback, kindly email us on contact@medgearcare.com.au or give us a call on +61 8 8261 1026. We are available to assist and support you, resolving any concerns or issues together to achieve a positive outcome. You can also contact NDIS directly, please download the form. download an official NDIS Complaints form.

    To read more about the NDIS please visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/

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