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Our mobility tends to deteriorate as we age. Moving around can be quite a task. In addition to getting old, there are other factors that can lead to a decrease in mobility. There are many mobility aids that assist individuals with limited mobility, move freely and live independently. Mobility aids are assistive devices suitable for senior adults, injured people, or individuals with limited mobility. These aids help them carry on their daily tasks without being dependent on others. We at Medgear Care have a wide range of mobility aids specially designed to cater your needs. These include mobility scooters, commode chairs, self-propelled wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, bathroom aids, wheelchair cushions, transfer aids, walking sticks and crutches. Each aid has different benefits and helps the user in different ways. A mobility aid is suitable for people with temporary or permanent conditions that affect their mobility, balance, and weight bearing. Some mobility aids can be used by people with sufficient upper body strength and coordination such as walkers and crutches, while other mobility aids like wheelchairs are more suited for people who need assistance in manoeuvring them or those who can self-propel. A few examples of situations where mobility aids are useful are loss of use of limb due to injury or permanent condition, weakened lower body, Knee/Ankle/Foot/Back Surgery, fractures in the lower limbs, ACL tear or injury, impaired balance, arthritis and walking impairment due to brain injury or stroke. Using mobility devices can help in preventing falls and its related injuries. It increases in confidence and independence level, enhance user safety, can aid in quicker recovery in case of injuries or post-surgery, stability in movement and balance and suitable for short-term injuries as well as permanent disabilities.

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