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Lightweight Zimmer Frame,...
This lightweight aluminium Walking Deluxe Zimmer Frame is ideal for life on the go. Easily folds tool-free to a convenient size for transport. Sturdy aluminium construction offers maximum stability and durability, with comfortable foam handles offering reliable support. This folding frame...
from $159.00
Walking Frame - Side Fold
$199.00 $179.00
Walking Frame - Side Fold
This frame is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and folds easily from each side. Frame comes standard with anti-slip rubber tips. Brand - Days.  . Note - On Special Order Only.  Special orders take 1-2 weeks to dispatch.  . Specification Height adjustable: 810mm – 910mm Width...
$199.00 $179.00
Gutter Walker with Handbr...
$489.00 $389.00
Gutter Walker with Handbr...
The Gutter Walker with Handbrakes, now with a NEW IMPROVED DESIGN! Featuring thicker tubing and larger wheels, this innovative mobility aid is perfect for individuals with poor balance or weak legs. It facilitates gait training by keeping users upright, redistributing weight...
$489.00 $389.00
Walk-On – Zimmer Frame
Get moving again with this stylish, foldable, and height-adjustable Zimmer walking frame. Made from aluminium alloy, it is light yet tough enough to support up to 150kg weight. The grip handles have been designed for comfort and ease of use, while...
Child Walking Frame - Wal...
Made in Germany, Walk-On child walking frame is a smooth and stylish finish powder-coated aluminium frame with non-slipping handgrips for safety and confidence. Child size. Brand - Rebotec. ✔ Fast Shipping.  ✔ 100% Secure Shopping.  ✔ Australian Trusted Store.  Features Smooth and stylish...
Walking Frame - Walk On W...
With the Walk-On With Rollers, you can stay active and mobile wherever you go. This adult walking frame features two front roller wheels for added assistance and a foldable design for easy storage. This walker provides all the support needed...
Walking Frame For Kids - ...
Made in Germany, The Child Walk-On With Rollers is a colourful, high-quality designed to ensure your little one’s safety and comfort. This walking frame has non-slip hand grips, making it perfect for smooth use on almost any surface. Colourful walking frame for...
Child Reverse Walker - Pluto
Made in Germany, the Pluto child reverse walker rollator allows independent movement for children, it supports and promotes upright posture when standing and walking. Pluto supports therapeutic exercises and assists in learning natural movements and balance. The rear-wheel braking system...

Walking frames are mobility aids used to provide support and stability for individuals who have difficulty walking due to various physical conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson's disease, or post-surgery recovery. They typically have four legs and a handlebar for the user to grip and walk with, and some models also have wheels to assist with movement. The height of the handle and the width between the legs can be adjusted to fit the user's needs. The use of a walking frame can improve balance and reduce the risk of falls.

Walking frames for senior citizens are made up of a metal framework with four legs that provide stability and support to the user. They provide additional support to maintain balance or stability while walking, most commonly due to age-related physical restrictions. A walker is a frame with handles and legs that needs to be lifted for movement, it is a simple light-weight device. A person with enough arm strength to pick up the walker and move it forward one step at a time can use a walker for the extra little help. Medical walkers for elderly are specially designed to make them feel more independent as they don’t have to rely on another person to help them get around and gives them the liberty to move out of their homes freely.

Walking frames are mobility aids that are used to assist people with balance and stability while walking. There are several types of walking frames including:

  1. Standard walking frame: a basic, four-legged frame with a handle on each side.

  2. Zimmer frame: a metal frame with four legs and handgrips
  3. Gutter Walker with Handbrakes: for use in gutter areas such as bathrooms

Walking frames offer several benefits, including:

  1. Improved mobility: Walking frames provide stability and support for individuals who have difficulty walking, allowing them to move more safely and independently.

  2. Reduced risk of falls: By providing additional support, walking frames reduce the risk of falls and injury.

  3. Increased exercise: Walking with a frame can help improve mobility and increase physical activity levels.

  4. Pain relief: Walking frames can help distribute weight and reduce pressure on certain parts of the body, providing pain relief for individuals with conditions such as arthritis.

  5. Increased confidence: Walking frames can help increase confidence and independence for individuals who are recovering from injury or illness.

  6. Cost-effective: Walking frames are generally a cost-effective alternative to more expensive mobility aids such as wheelchairs or walkers.

Walking frame with rollers, also known as a rollator, is a type of mobility aid used by people who need assistance walking. It is similar to a traditional walking frame, but it has wheels and often a seat, making it easier to move around and rest when needed. The rollers provide stability and support, allowing the user to walk with greater confidence and independence.

Zimmer frame is a type of mobility aid used by individuals with limited mobility or balance issues. It is a metal frame with four legs and handgrips, and often includes a seat, allowing the user to rest while walking. The frame provides support and stability, making it easier for the user to walk independently or with assistance.

"Gutter Walker with Handbrakes" is likely a type of mobility aid for individuals with disabilities. It may refer to a walker that is specifically designed for use in gutter areas (such as those found in bathrooms) and has hand brakes for added control and safety. However, without more context it's difficult to be certain.

Child Reverse Walker is a device used to help children learn to walk in reverse direction. It is typically a four-wheeled toy or device that the child can push while standing up and walking backwards. It helps to develop balance, coordination, and motor skills. It is important to supervise children while using this device to ensure their safety.

Child walking frame is a mobility device designed for young children who need support and stability while walking. It typically has four legs and a frame that supports the child's weight, allowing them to use their legs to move around. This type of device is often used for children with developmental delays, mobility issues, or other conditions that affect their ability to walk independently.

Walking frame is a mobility aid designed to provide support for individuals who have difficulty walking or maintaining balance. For children, a walking frame can be a helpful tool for those with physical or developmental disabilities, or for those recovering from an injury. It is important to ensure that the walking frame is the appropriate size and weight for the child, and that it is used under adult supervision.

A "Child Walk-On With Rollers" refers to a equipment designed for children to walk. It is usually a platform with rollers attached to the bottom, allowing children to glide and move around while keeping their balance. These walking frames are often used for physical activity, promoting balance and coordination skills in children.

Walking frame with rollers is a mobility aid that consists of a metal frame with four legs and rollers or wheels attached to the bottom of each leg. The rollers or wheels allow the person to move the walking frame along the ground while they support themselves on the frame. This type of walking aid provides stability and support for individuals who have difficulty walking or need help maintaining their balance.

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