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Everything You Need To Know About Euro Walker

Do you or your loved ones need help walking safely? Euro Rollator Walker is one of the best and safest options. It is the ultimate mobility solution that combines advanced reliable features with a sophisticated exterior. The frame is durable and made of lightweight aluminum to make it easy to maneuver on any indoor/outdoor terrain but strong enough to withstand extended daily use. Walkers and rollators offer support for people who need assistance when walking because they have:

  • Difficulty balancing 
  • Are at risk of falling 
  • To avoid fatigue

The difference between regular vs. Euro Style Rollator Walker 

Rollators come in three-wheel and four-wheel styles. The Rollators offer the greatest range of mobility and have front swivel wheels that help with turning. These comprise handbrakes that allow a patient to stop the rollator when required. Most of the rollators also feature a padded seat and backrest to use when resting as well as a pouch to carry personal items.  

For those who need extra support while walking, a three-wheel rollator is the best option. However, those who want to walk at a fast speed and do not need a seat to rest may prefer a three-wheel rollator. Although Euro Style Rollator Walker and standard medical rotators are both wheeled walkers, there are still differences between them. Let’s look at the differences: 

Wheels: A Euro Rollator Walker’s rear wheels are the same size as those of any standard walker, but its front wheels are larger than those of a regular walker. As the front wheels are oversized, they allow easier traveling over different types of terrain. A regular walker includes wheels of similar size. 

Vertical Folding Capability: The Euro Style Rollator Walker  can be easily folded into a fraction of its size. This makes it much easier for the senior citizens or someone with limited body strength to utilize the walker. The user doesn’t have to bend down in order to set the walker back up. Regular rollators, when folded, will fall forward to the floor unless immediately positioned on it, but either way, they can’t be folded vertically. 

Contouring Back: A Euro Walker with a seat has a flexible and comfortable sitting style. This is different from standard rollators, which just includes a metal back support bar. 

Safety tips for using Euro Style Rollators 

Are rollators safe or not is one of the common queries, which hovers in the minds of the users. The answer is yes when used correctly. So, here are some safety tips which should be kept in mind to facilitate its proper usage. 

Tip 1: Follow weight capacity guidelines  

The purpose of the weight capacity guideline is to keep you safe. If the rollator is designed to support a limited weight capacity, then follow it to avoid any damage. 

Tip 2: Ensure it’s the Right Height 

You don’t want to need to stretch up or bend down when using your rollator, since doing so can result in a spontaneous loss of balance, and lead to a fall. While buying, check what size you need by standing straight, letting your hands hang by your sides, and having someone that measure the distance between the wrist and the ground. 

Tip 3: Walk Slowly and Carefully 

When using a Rollator, don’t rush. Don’t push yourself as you need to minimize fall risk so that you can keep using your rollator and then try to push yourself too far. 

Tip 4: when resting, lock the wheels 

Yes, it is important to lock the wheels when you rest. This will make sure that the Euro Rollator doesn’t slide out of place while you are on it, the results can be dangerous. 

Buy a rollator that will provide you with ultimate support. Rollators for sale are not only feature-rich but also aesthetically appealing. Invest in the best. 

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