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Essential Medical Equipment for Maternity Care

Your baby's delivery experience is greatly influenced by the hospital you choose. It is reassuring to know that your hospital has a good reputation, great staff, and the best equipment to offer specialized care. The right healthcare set-ups are continuously evolving and providing advanced services and medical care. From intrauterine pressure catheters and fetal spiral electrodes to abdominal binders , the right healthcare supplies are required to meet your clinical needs.

Important medical equipment for maternity care 

Suction Apparatus: Medical suction pumps serve a wide range of functions during delivery, mostly surrounding a baby’s respiration. If a baby cannot clear his or her oral or nasal passages, they might have trouble breathing. A baby is especially at risk when meconium is passed during delivery. Although suctioning is not required during every delivery, it is always important to keep one in the delivery room in case of complications. Suction Apparatus is also useful during the delivery. If the baby has trouble passing through the birth canal, it can lead to the need for a cesarean, which is not preferred by many mothers. In such scenarios, vacuum delivery may be possible. During this type of delivery, a doctor can use a dedicated suction vacuum to guide the baby through the birth canal. 

Medical Suction Pump Unit - Medgear Care


Patient Monitoring Equipment: Patient monitoring equipment is perhaps the most required medical equipment in Australia. As a lot is happening under the surface before, during, and after delivery, matters may slip past of even the professionals of prenatal care. The hospitals should have the following in their maternity collection. 

Patient Monitor With Touch Screen Front


Sphygmomanometer: High blood pressure is common in pregnant women and it can cause different problems for both mothers as well as babies during delivery. It can make it tough for babies to get oxygen and cause preterm birth, as well as lead to kidney damage, stroke, and confiscations in mothers. Hospitals are required to monitor blood pressure throughout pregnancy as well as during and after delivery. 

Sphygmomanometer - Welch Allyn Front


Fetal Monitor: It is even more difficult for the doctors to gauge the vitals of the baby throughout the pregnancy. As a newborn’s health can deteriorate so rapidly, it is even more essential. The fetal monitors are especially helpful during a high-risk pregnancy, but they can easily detect changes in seemingly normal pregnancies as well. The fetal monitors can also determine whether suctioning is required. 

The other essential equipment

Baby care equipment is required in all the departments in the maternity setups. For instance, for the labor rooms, some of the prerequisite equipment are a Birthing Bed, Delivery Table and Labor Coat. A birthing bed is comfortable for women who are in labor. The vacuum Apparatus is another such instrument to remove different types of secretions including liquid and gaseous secretions. OT light is used by the doctor for lighting an area of the patient. A radiant warmer might be required for offering heat and a tray for keeping the baby. 

For the OT, some helpful apparatus might be an Ultrasound Machines that help the doctor to examine the patient with different health issues. A fetal Diopter is a handheld ultrasound transducer to detect the fetal heartbeat. A spotlight will be needed for projecting a beam of light on a specific part of the patient body. Moreover, an anesthesia machine and equipment are also required. 

Sonoscape E2 Pro Ultrasound With Trolley Front


For the NICU, medical equipment needed include neonatal equipment, blood pressure monitor, CPAP for sending oxygen to the baby’s lungs in his windpipe, endothelial tube, incubator, urinary catheter, and the radiant warmer. 

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